Dog training classes are a great way to socialize your dog and meet other dog owners.

Our training center offers the following services.

You will find here a wide range of educational schemes, seminars, and programmes. We offer those involved with the world of dogs opportunities to learn, refine and develop their knowledge and skills ensuring the highest possible standards.

Get Started with Dog Training


Dog owners have an obligation to their dog and to their community to ensure that their pet is happy, socialized and well trained.

Activity Training


There are many different dog competitive events and activities you can enjoy, giving you great opportunities to meet other dog lovers and have fun.

Training Seminars


Dog training seminars for all including Points of the Dog, Ring Stewarding, requirements of a Dog Show Judge, and much more.

Judges Education


Want to find out how to become a judge or looking for a Kennel Club approved judge? Then visit our judges section.

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