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We are the largest organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the health and welfare of all dogs.

Dog Breeders

Ensure your puppies get off to a great start with our company. Whether you are breeding your first litter or next 'Best in Show' winner, we proudly support dedicated responsible dog breeders like you.

We have developed helpful resources, up-to-date information and ongoing educational programs for all breeders who are committed to continuously improving their breeding programs and registering their litters and dogs with Pupper.

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Here are some of our breeds that can become your best companions and devoted friends.





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Besides being a voluntary register of pedigree dogs and crossbreed dogs, we offer dog owners and those working with dogs an unparalleled source of education, experience, and advice.

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As trusted local dog breeding center, we focus on providing the best, most healthy pets to our customers.



Breeding a litter of puppies can be very rewarding, but if you are new to dog breeding, you should remember that it can also be a costly and time-consuming experience.



Dog training classes are a great way to socialize your dog and meet other dog owners. Here you have an opportunity to find a dog training class to suit you.



We register over 250,000 pedigree dogs and crossbreed dogs every year. Our registration system is open to ALL dogs and their owners including crossbreed dogs.



We are an organization devoted to dog health, welfare, education and training. Its objective is to ensure that dogs live healthy, happy lives with responsible owners.



There are so many different competitive dog activities you can enjoy, giving you great opportunities to meet fellow dog lovers and enjoy lots of fun with your dog.



We organize three annual big dog events which are attended by thousands of people each year. We also organize many smaller popular events.

Keeping Your Pets

Happy, Healthy and Safe!

You’ll enjoy knowing our dedicated team will do whatever is needed to keep your pets happy, healthy and safe when you’re away from home.

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We care what our customers think of us and so should you. We are partners in your business and your success is ours.

I had come last year in December to pick up my puppy, Shinook, who is that middle dog in this picture I sent you! Funny enough I met up with an owner who has 2 huskies from you.

Met Jackson

Dog Owner

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Our mission is to connect breeders of puppies with prospective owners who are searching for a companion and a lifetime of pure happiness.

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We are a group of talented and experienced pet care professionals, dedicated to your satisfaction.

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